News & Events from the Sea


Hawaiian Sea Turtles

Sharing the Environment with Sea Turtles   Help Honolulu Sailing Company preserve Hawaii’s sea turtles. A day spent sailing and snorkeling in Hawaii means seeing Hawaii’s Sea Turtles up close. Enjoying and preserving the natural side of Hawaii also comes with a few common sense tips to our visitors and residents alike.   Stay at…


The Whales Are Back!

Hawaii’s beloved Humpback whales are back, playing off the shores of Oahu’s famous Diamond Head.  On a recent sailing venture we received sightings over the VHF radio and are happy to report that there are confirmed sightings off the South shore of Oahu! Get out your binoculars and lets go sailing. Our private whale watching…


Protecting Our Marine Ecosystem

Honolulu Sailing Company is committed to preserving and protecting our beautiful Hawaiian Islands and we  support the mission of Marine Life Conservation Districts (MLCDs) to rebuild fish stocks and maintain healthy fish, coral reefs and other marine life for future generations of visitors and locals to enjoy. Most visitors to Hawaii come to engage in some…