Sailing Lessons In Honolulu

Ultimate Sailing Lessons In Honolulu

The dream of to learning to sail is reality at Honolulu Sailing company. Sign up for an ultimate sailing lessons In Honolulu and makeway on a new adventure. We have everything required for sailing confidently and safely with ASA sailing lessons. Above all, experienced instructors whom possess tools and resources to ensure your success in […]

Sailing lessons Oahu Hawaii

Private yacht charters and sailing lessons available with Honolulu Sailing Company. Captain Mike is a 60+ year experienced sailor and is certified ASA (American sailing association) instructor. Courses are available to sign up on our website. Going on a few hour private charter, Captain Mike is more than willing to show someone the basics and […]

Sailing lessons Honolulu Hawaii

Learn to Sail For a few hours just outside of Waikiki or sign up for up to a week long class with an ASA certified Instructor from Honolulu Sailing company. Sailing is fun and learning how to handle and steer a Boat is one of the first steps. Learning the wind, pulling out the sails […]