Scattering Ashes, Memorial Service Honolulu

The scattering of loved ones cremated remains in the ocean is a timeless tradition, a memorial service for thousands of years. Often the deceased’s final wishes is scattering ashes across the ocean in Honolulu.

Memorial Service Honolulu

Our spacious and comfortable rental yachts in Honolulu set sail from the Kewalo Basin boat harbor. We consequently arrive at scenic location off the shores of Waikiki. Your group can conduct a private memorial service for the deceased. Our staff can also assist you in the scattering of ashes from the yacht rental.

In conclusion, Honolulu Sailing company is here to help families with this difficult task for over 25 years. We will respond even with very short notice to ensure a timely Scattering of Ashes service. We also offer a wide array of affordable memorial services and options for any budget.

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