Private Sunset sailing Honolulu Hawaii

Private sailing Honolulu Hawaii
Private sunset sailing Honolulu Hawaii

Aloha! Private yacht charters in Honolulu Hawaii with Honolulu Sailing Company.  We provide several different times to go out with your family and friends on your private Sailboat. The harbor is just outside of Waikiki, in Kewalo Basin. There’s lots of parking and different start times and lots of activities to do on each boat. Bring your own food and beverage and we will supply the snorkel gear. On our larger sailboat called “Tefiti” we have stand up paddle boards. Most charters are three hours but extended times are available. Between November and the end of March is Whale watching season. Sea turtles, dolphins, monk seals and fish jumping out of the water are possible to see year round. Book your private charter today!

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