Private Sunset Sailing Cruise Honolulu Hawaii

Private sunset sailing Honolulu
Private sunset sailing Honolulu

We begin our private sunset sail cruise out of Kewalo Basin harbor. “Welcome aboard everyone!” Let’s stow those drinks of yours in our refrigerator. Then we’ll start the engine and cast off those dock lines We then cruise out of the harbor mindful of the surfers paddling across the channel and the sea turtles swimming by. First thing you will notice is the fantastic expanse of ocean stretching out as far as your eye can see. Next is the terrific profile of Diamond head off in the distance, our first destination about an hour away. We pass all the hotels and beaches of Waikiki and cruise out to get a great view of Diamondhead lighthouse.

The second half of our cruise starts with our turn downwind facing the setting sun. The ride now is exceptionally smooth with the wind on our backs. Now is the time to break out the drinks and pupus

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