Is Sailing In Honolulu Easy To Learn?

Is sailing easy to learn? Yes, here in Honolulu we offer basic instructional information on all of our sailing charters. Having several of our guests curious about how to sail, we have as a result, included basic seamen ship in all of our yacht rentals. Before taking sailing certification you certainly want to have first hand working knowledge of the boat.

Is sailing In Honolulu easy to learn
Is sailing In Honolulu easy to learn

How do I get sailing certified? For those whom wish to further their knowledge we offer ASA certification courses. We have several courses structure them based on your current life experiences on the ocean. Our Sailing instructors have shown patience and always maintain a positive attitude. As a result of this, we experience many returning customers and referrals.

How long does it take to learn to sail? It is important you receive proper instruction most importantly, so the amount of time varies form student to student. The best way to learn is by doing it as they say! With several tour to accommodate any schedule we are certain to have available space.

What sailing qualifications do I need? We offer entry level to advanced certification courses to ensure insurance compliance but also peace of mind and safety. Overall sailing in Honolulu is easy, fun and in addition you’ll receive basic instruction on all of our yacht charters.

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