How much does it cost to sail in Hawaii?

cost to sail in Hawaii?
cost to sail in Hawaii?

People often assume the cost to sail in Hawaii is High, but nothing is farther than the truth. For about the price of a basic meal for 6 in Honolulu your group could create Sailing memories to last a lifetime. Bring out your favorite beverages and tasty treats aboard and avoid the expense of the Waikiki restaurants.

Experience the freedom of Sailing the pacific just off the coast of Waikiki. Breathtaking views and serene waters to reflect on the islands magnificence. For some the early morning sail is the ultimate way to start the day. Others prefer midday snorkeling the clear waters however, the sunset sail is by far the most popular!

Most importantly, enjoy your Hawaiian vacation and discover a new perspective on the cost to sail in Hawaii. With multiple sailing options throughout the day in addition to hands on sailing instruction, we are certain you will want this in your budget.

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