Honolulu sailing lessons customers prepare for 30+knots of wind

Honolulu Sailing Company teaches students how to sail on our Sailboats, in any weather and in different types of weather conditions. Just a few days ago, Capt. Mike and crew, took our chartered customers out on the ocean winds were gusting up to 30knots. Tom, is an avid sailor learning from the ASA Sailing school on the mainland. Since Captain Mike is a certified instructor for more than 40 years, they were in good company. We sailed back and forth in front of Diamond head with the gusting wind, salt air and salt water in our faces. What a great trip! We had the pleasure of seeing the sunset as we came into Kewalo Harbor safe and a little more experienced. Honolulu Sailing Company has multiple packages available to teach you and your love ones how to sail and handle all types of weather conditions on the ocean. Thank you Capt. Mike for a safe and exhilarating experience!

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