About Us

Honolulu Sailing Co. was established in 1974 by Mike Michelwait, with the purchase of a fine clipper 21 Sailboat which was used for lessons. Eventually the swing keel clipper went in favor of the stiffer keeled cal 20s, Cal 25, Cal 2-30 and even a Yamaha 25 which we used both for lessons and a small sailing club. In the late 70’s a Cal 40 and Westsail 43 were added to the fleet which now made more comfortable inter-island sailing a reality. For nine years we ran a successful sailing instruction program at the University of Hawaii College of Continuing Education where we held classes from beginning to advanced inter-island sailing, piloting and celestial navigation as well.

Due to changes in Harbor management policies and the building of a new hotel we lost the classroom space for the navigation courses and the needed dockspace to operate a number of smaller boats so a shift was made to go into a new era of sailing with the addition in the late 80’s of a Hunter 54 and later in the 90s a Beneteau 50, and in 2002 a new Beneteau First 42.7. We have expanded our operation from just a sailing school to a full service charter company as well.