Best Locations To Snorkeling In Honolulu

Snorkeling In Honolulu
Snorkeling In Honolulu

Imagine snorkel in Honolulu with tropical fish and Hawaiian sea turtles in Waikiki on a private sailing yacht. The warm blue pacific waters of Waikiki feature amazing snorkeling with schools of tropical fish about. The Turtle Canyon reef in Waikiki lives always up to its reputation. Featuring many huge sea turtles about the reef and in addition huge schools of trigger fish.

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Snorkel & Sailing In Honolulu

Lounging above deck and relaxing in the Hawaiian sun and enjoying the incredible view. Above all, isn’t that what’s vacations are all about. After snorkeling about turtle canyon, we cruise back off the Waikiki shore line. you’ll also enjoy some amazing views of Diamond Head. In conclusion, Our sailing crew will assist you on your private snorkeling charter.

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