Snorkeling In Honolulu

Best Locations To Snorkeling In Honolulu

Imagine snorkel in Honolulu with tropical fish and Hawaiian sea turtles in Waikiki on a private sailing yacht. The warm blue pacific waters of Waikiki feature amazing snorkeling with schools of tropical fish about. The Turtle Canyon reef in Waikiki lives always up to its reputation. Featuring many huge sea turtles about the reef and […]

Private Yacht Charter Honolulu Hawaii

Private Yacht Charter In Honolulu Hawaii

Set sail in Hawaii on a memorable evening, a Private Yacht Charter Honolulu. Get the best experience on our private boat rentals and yacht charters in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sunset cruises in Honolulu are simply one of the best things to do in Oahu. We offer a variety of sailing charters with private sunset charters being […]

Boat Rentals In Honolulu Hawaii

Boat Rentals In Honolulu Hawaii

Seeking a relaxing day of Sailing or a cocktail cruise? Experience our luxury boat rentals In Honolulu, Hawaii. We have boat rentals and yacht charters for an amazing day on the water with your family and friends! Honolulu has many tours to pick from, consequently our sailing charters are exceptionally affordable. Charter a boat for […]

Sailing Snorkeling Tour

Sailing Snorkeling Tour In Honolulu

Enjoy great sailing on our luxurious, comfortable, and spacious yachts. For instance, sail along the clear pacific waters of Honolulu, Hawaii. Relax and feel the warm Hawaiian sunshine on your skin as you snorkel on Waikiki’s coral reefs. Likewise, you will enjoy a great day sailing and enjoying snorkeling in Honolulu. Diamond Head Views, Snorkel […]

Sunrise Cruises, Honolulu Sailing Yachts

Sunrise Cruise, Honolulu Sailing Yacht

Attending the sunrise cruise is a truly amazing experience for almost everyone. One amazing location to experience the morning sunrise is aboard a Honolulu sailing yacht in Honolulu. Consequently the best way is to awake early and see the sun rising. It truly is the best way to begin your vacation in Hawaii. Honolulu has […]

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COVID-19 Sailing Tour Safety Compliance

COVID-19 Tour Safety Procedures The safety of our guests and staff is a top priority and we are monitoring the evolving Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation closely. We are taking recommended prevention and response measures, including: Our Tour Guides will be wearing a mask throughout the duration of the tour and wearing gloves when sanitizing, taking temperatures, opening/closing […]