Sailing in Hawaii


The main Hawaiian Islands lie in a Northwest to Southeast line between 23N and 19N latitude and 160Wto 155W longitude. These are large volcanic islands that rise out of an ocean floor that averages 2.5 miles in depth. One of the smaller islands, Molokai, with a 38-mile long coastline on either shore stretches further than the entire BVI chain of islands but has only a population of 6,000 residents, likewise, the island of Lanai which would also take up nearly all the cruising space of the BVI has a population of 2,500. 

So what do we have here but nothing less than miles and miles of uninhabited coastlines filled with empty beaches, wilderness coastlines, and secluded anchorages. Other islands such as Oahu and Maui offer anchorages where you can go out at night, eat at shore side restaurants in sight of your boat, some are even literally beachside and still sail in areas with incredible scenery, with an abundance of sea life everywhere.

Our base of operations is located at Kewalo Marina, about 1.5 miles from Waikiki.
We keep the boats and that we are on “A” dock, the first short dock you can walk out on the Ala Moana Blvd side of the harbor facing Ala Moana Park. 

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Climate and Cruising

Spring and Summer

The Island weather is dominated by the North Pacific High, which brings us the constant trade winds that moderate the Summer temperatures and keep life comfortable onboard. The high is weakest in Spring so the trades are light to moderate while well into Summer they freshen up a bit but are often quieted down by the periodic approach of weak tropical systems. This time of year South swells make periodic visits to the islands generated by winter storms in the New Zealand area.

Fall and Winter

The Pacific High is not so dominate at this time and there are often long periods of very light Southerly or Westerly winds and an occasional frontal passage may pass through bringing fresher Southerlies followed by North winds as the front passes through. Also Higher latitude winter storms will bring large Northwest swells to the islands which may Affect some of the islands anchorages.

Hawaii’s Sea Life

Amazing Biodiversity

On the lees of all the islands and in calm bays on the exposed coasts you will find the rare Spinner Dolphins. They are abundant in Hawaii. Along the reefs, in bays and anchorages of all the islands you will find a great number of green sea turtles. They are on the endangered species list but have made a strong comeback in Hawaii. You can swim and snorkel with them. Late Fall through early Spring is when the Humpback whales visit Hawaii and their numbers are growing to 1,500 or more. Between the islands of Oahu, Maui, Lanai, and Molokai, plus the Kona Coast it is a “whale playground” as you can observe their antics everywhere. There are many species of tropical seabirds that make their home in Hawaii and you can observe them in profusion along the cliffs and offshore islets of many of Hawaii’s coastlines. Deep-sea fishing from the sailboats is excellent as we have an abundance of Mahi Mahi, Jacks, Wahoo, Tuna, and other deep-sea game fish in these waters.

Local Conditions

Because of the high mountainous nature of the islands the chain provides cruisers with large lee areas where light sea breezes and calm seas prevail counter to the prevailing trade winds and sailing time of year. These conditions add a lot to the variety of cruising conditions found in the islands.

Booking a Charter

You can confirm with us by e-mail or phone and reserve your yacht with a 25% reservation deposit by e-mail or phone. We will then send out a contract for you to sign and dates when other payments are due. See our page on cancellation policies.

Provisioning and Itinerary

The prices of all the yachts do not include provisioning. You can choose to do either your own provisioning or have us do it for you. We offer full provisioning or “split” provisioning (some meals taken ashore) and we will send you a menu checklist so your dietary requirements are covered.

In our Itinerary section you will see a wide range of cruising possibilities so choose any course that appeals to you, and we will help you plan within time and weather considerations.

Recommended reading: Cruising Guide to the Hawaiian Islands by Mehaffey.