Maui & Lanai 7 Days

Day 1: Sailing to Molokai

Depart from Honolulu for the west end of Molokai. Sail past Waikiki, Diamond Head and Oahu’s “gold Coast” to Koko Head. From Koko Head to Molokai is the famous Kaiwi channel, the stuff of legend, and the final run in the Transpac yacht race. After a spirited sail to Molokai, we duck behind the lee of the island and sail to our first anchorage, Hale O’ Lono harbor. Lono is far removed from civilization and the stargazing is excellent. This is the dry side of Molokai and we are a long way from the lights of civilization. The stargazing is literally “out of this world.”

Day 2: Lanai

We’ll get an early start and sail to Lanai. This fast morning sail takes us to the lee of the island where we motor along sea cliffs to the site of an ancient Hawaiian fishing village. We’ll stop here for lunch and snorkeling, and a short hike to an overlook where you can see ruins and get a great view of the island. After lunch, we’ll head to Manele bay, where we will anchor for the night and head over to the beach to watch the sunset or up to the hotel for all the things someone could want from a 5 star hotel.

Day 3: Night crossing to Maui

At sunset we depart headed towards Maui for a night crossing by starlight. The channel is beautiful at night, light breezes and flat seas, make this a great experience. We’ll sail for Kaanapali beach and drop the anchor just off the beach.

Day 4: Maui

Kaanapli is the hotel district on Maui and a great place to go ashore for shopping, dinner, head over to Lahaina, or just to hang out on the beach. We stay here for the night so go ahead and explore.

Day 5: Sailing to Honolua Bay

We will be sailing a couple of hours to one of the most amazing bays in the world. Honolua is a world famous for it’s surfing and is also a fish preserve. It is a perfectly protected anchorage and it is our destination for day 6. here you can spend the day swimming with the fish, or take a walk along the top of the cliffs. Honolua is a popular local spot and one of Hawaii’s best.

Day 6: Sailing to Molokai

We’ll get an early start and set sail for a down wind run to the western tip of Molokai back to Lono harbor.

Day 7: Sailing to Oahu

This is a great days run that is on a fast tack across Hawaii’s best fishing grounds. You will see the island of Oahu appear from the sea mist, and try to guess which geographical feature becomes Diamond Head. We’ll sail past Cocoa head, past Hawaii’s Gold Coast and right under Diamond Head to Waikiki. Stop for a quick swim, a chance to collect your thoughts and things, then pull into Honolulu Harbor to disembark.