Maui 5 Days

Day 1: Day sail to Honolua Bay

We board the vessel in Historic Lahaina Harbor, Maui and set sail for Honolua Bay. This first leg is a relaxing sail along Maui’s hotel district, enjoy the views of Molokai, Lanai, and looking back to Maui as we work our way along the coast to our destination. Honolua Bay is world famous for it’s surfing and is also a fish preserve. It is a perfectly protected anchorage, here you can spend the day swimming with the fish, or take a walk along the top of the cliffs. Honolua is a popular local spot and one of Hawaii’s best.

Day 2: Offshore Sailing

We get a late start and set sail towards Molokai to pick up the trade winds, then tack and sail downwind towards Lanai, then tack again and reach in towards Kaanapali. Kaanapali is the hotel district on Maui and a great place to go ashore for shopping, dinner, head over to Lahaina, or just to hang out on the beach. We stay here for the night so go ahead and explore.

Day 3: Molokini

We get an early start and set sail for Molokini, the small crescent shaped island famous for its clear waters and fantastic snorkeling. Molokini lies between Maui, Kahoolawe, and Lanai. From this anchorage, you get great views of the islands.

Day 4: Kihei Coast

We get a late start and set sail for Maui’s Kihei coast. We will drop the anchor early in the day at one of the great beaches along this coast. We’ll stay the night here so go ahead and explore.

Day 5: Lahaina

We get an early start and set sail for Lahaina. This time we sail close to shore and stop for lunch and a swim at a great reef. We will arrive in Lahaina in the afternoon to disembark.