Instructional Testimonials

We’re having some fun experiences sailing. We spent most of New Year’s week aboard either on the water or in port. Skipped the sailing part last Friday as we had gale and frost warnings – but stayed aboard anyway. An interesting experience…not quite like Hawaii! The weather abated Sunday afternoon and we went out – and were able to successfully execute our first “shoe overboard” drill.

We learned so much during our classes there, can’t thank you enough.

Susan C. Roller
Labor and Employee Relations
Commander Navy Reserve Forces

Dear Editor,
This letter is in praise of Capt Mike Mickelwait, Honolulu Sailing Co. My wife and I have been chartering day sails off Maui and Oahu over several years but we were ready to sail the islands ourselves. Since this was an unseasonably cold summer and we tired of the pale skin from bundling up all Summer, we thought we would try getting a bareboat certification somewhere warm. He showed us the Hawaiian Islands with the Hawaiian Spirit. He took us to places that we would not experience on our own, but in a non-intrusive way. Bareboat chartering was possible in the Hawaiian Islands with a wealth of local knowledge from our captain which makes the experience so much more enjoyable. In sharing his knowledge, he showed us where to sail and gave us the ability to get there. The Hawaiian Islandsl lived up to all that was there, great blue water sailing and plenty of uncrowded anchorages. We now look forward to the Pacific Cup race in our sailboat and try to hang onto our tans until next summer.

Mike Downing
Sailboat “El Tiburon”
Pt Richmond, Calif.

This last Sunday my wife and I took an “instructional sail” with Paul. We want you to know that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, learned a whole lot, and will be keeping your card for future reference. Paul is simply an excellent instructor. His explanations were clear and concise. In addition to his obvious knowledge, he is a really pleasant person with a great attitiude. Keep him around, he is a real asset to your operation. We got all we wanted out of the experience.

Eldon Hout

Just want to thank you for arranging a fun and educational sailing week and also put a plug in for Paul. He made the trip successful. Paul was friendly, enthusiastic, and his combination of experience (scuba instructor, sailor, knowledge of islands and Hawaiian history) made the time spectacular and worthwhile. I got off the boat knowing I was much more informed about bareboats as well as capable of handling a bigger boat in solid winds. Initially, practicing maneuvers like man-overboard drills in 25knt winds was a bit intimidating. Now, while it still might be difficult, my confidence and skill are 100% improved.

Redondo Beach, CA

Dear Mike,
I just wanted to let you know we had an incredible time during our week on “Escapade.” Paul was absolutely fabulous as a tour guide and an instructor. He has the patience of Job! We saw things and did things I’m sure most people only dream of. It was truly magnificent. Mahalo for everything. Hope we can do it again sometime.

Kay Jackson