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Spring and Summer:
The Island weather is dominated by the North Pacific High, which brings us the constant trade winds that moderate the Summer temperatures and keep life comfortable onboard. The high is weakest in Spring so the trades are light to moderate while well into Summer they freshen up a bit but are often quieted down by the periodic approach of weak tropical systems. This time of year South swells make periodic visits to the islands generated by winter storms in the New Zealand area.

Fall and Winter:
The Pacific High is not so dominate at this time and there are often long periods of very light Southerly or Westerly winds and an occasional frontal passage may pass through bringing fresher Southerlies followed by North winds as the front passes through. Also Higher latitude winter storms will bring large Northwest swells to the islands which may Affect some of the islands anchorages.

Local Conditions:
Because of the high mountainous nature of the islands the chain provides cruisers with large lee areas where light sea breezes and calm seas prevail counter to the prevailing trade winds and sailing time of year. These conditions add a lot to the variety of cruising conditions found in the islands.

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